Summit County Public Health Reinstates 
Countywide Indoor Mask Mandate

Mask mandate applies to all regardless of vaccination status to mitigate record high COVID transmission across the county.

SUMMIT COUNTY, December 29, 2021 -- The Summit County Public Health Director, with support from the Board of Health (BOH) will reinstate a countywide indoor mask mandate today for all individuals in public areas, regardless of vaccination status. A new public health order to that effect will become active at midnight on Dec. 29 and applies to all public indoor spaces, such as public facilities, businesses, and other common spaces. The new public health order is set to expire on Jan. 31, 2022, and will be re-evaluated at that time. 

The decision by the Department of Public Health was made in response to an alarming increase in COVID-19 cases in the community during the past week as medical providers reported a dramatic spike in the number of sick individuals. Summit County currently has the highest incidence in the country. 
A public health alert issued Monday requested the public to wear face coverings within indoor public settings. Officials believe the spike is due to the rise of the highly transmissible Omicron variant in the community, likely as a result of gatherings indoors during the holidays.

Due to the fact that Colorado is experiencing high levels of incidence, the county’s medical infrastructure is at serious risk of being unable to accommodate individuals seeking medical care, whether due to COVID-19 related illness among the health care workforce or an increase in hospitalizations due to COVID and other high level treatment needs.

Individuals that experience cold or flu-like symptoms should stay home and seek testing for COVID-19. Testing is widely available and free of cost in Summit County. The County continues to work with the state and local providers to increase our testing and vaccination capacity. Information on testing locations can be found at the Summit County Government Testing webpage.
Summit County Public Health has expanded its vaccine clinic event offering. A complete list of upcoming vaccination events and links to register for an event can be found at

Summit County is currently experiencing High COVID transmission in our community.  
Protect yourself and others from being infected by; 
  • Getting a COVID Vaccine, 
  • Stay Home if sick, 
  • Get tested if sick, 
  • If you recently had close contact with someone who has COVID and you are vaccinated, get tested and wear a face covering.  If you are not vaccinated you must Quarantine.
  • All persons are encouraged to Wear a Face Covering in indoor public places, 
  • Wash hands frequently and avoid touching your face, 
  • Keep 6-feet or more from others to the extent possible (especially indoors), and
  • Clean and/or Disinfect frequently.

The latest Summit County Health Department information may be found here.