Covid/Travel Insurance

Summit County and the state of Colorado have public health orders in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. These orders place restrictions on a variety of activities, including commercial activities, social activities and community gatherings. Additionally there are limitations to the number of persons allowed in Public and Private Gatherings. It is your responsibility to abide by the state and local health orders in addition to state, local and municipal laws regarding occupancy of rental homes. For  short term lodging operations, Summit County Public Health in compliance with the Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment has issued the following Limitations on Public and Private Gatherings: No more than 10 individuals indoors and/or outdoors from no more than 2 households at short term lodging operations.

The latest Summit County Health Department information may be found here.

Travel insurance is offered during the reservation process. Travel Insurance can cover certain risks inherent in travel such as trip interruption and/or the inability to travel due to a medical or personal emergency. Coronavirus COVID-19 virus outbreak is still in our communities. It is your responsibility to check the latest travel information regarding the virus outbreak and that they should have travel insurance to ensure they have cover for all medical needs and trip cancellation, but understands that medical expenses/and or cancellation relating to the Coronavirus COVID-19 may not be covered. It is your personal decision to travel and is doing so with full knowledge of current travel recommendations and travel restrictions with regards to the Coronavirus COVID-19 and takes full responsibility for their actions with regards to this.